Why Minis?

Miniature Herefords are an animal for the backyard beef industry.  One man can hang a quarter and process it himself.  The average Miniature Hereford carcass provides a smaller amount of beef that a family of four can consume within the recommended freezer shelf life.

For people who have moved from the city to small farms, the little Herefords are ideal.  They may be considered pets, enjoyed as a hobby, treated as a secondary source of income, or employed as a full time business.  Since their smaller frame makes them more suitable to the average family, they may be used for personal backyard beef or sold as locker beef in a farmers market.  They are used to classify small acreage for agricultural exemption status and are appropriate for group investment ventures or tax shelters.

Minis are naturally docile and make excellent show animals for any level of competition.  Two or three may be kept in place of one standard size cow.  Each miniature mother will wean a calf weighing a higher percentage of her mature weight, thus making them much more economical.  They are also practical for stocking larger operations and can help in the movement that is presently underway to return to a more muscular, chunky type of animal that is able to thrive without pampering.  An animal that is more efficient to maintain.

Miniature Herefords now exhibit an improved cow/calf weaning ratio, greater rib eye are per hundred weight, a higher dressing percentage and increased tenderness due to shorter muscle cell structure, genetics and early maturity.   These traits are outstanding when compared to the modern beef animal.